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Conference Fee and Methods of Payment

  Registration and payment before 17.02.2011 Later payment (until March 7, 2011 by bank transfer) or at the registration desk
Member* 110,- € 140,- €
Non-member 220,- € 250,- €
Student member* 50,- € 80,- €
Student non-member (without degree) 100,- € 130,- €
Retired persons, teachers (member and non-member) 50,- € 80,- €
Dayticket Members 50,- € 60,- €
Dayticket Non-members 100,- € 110,- €
Students (without degree) of the University of the conference venue free of charge
*the reduced fees are available for members of the DPG and the EPS as well as for members of the associated societies of the DPG. A list of associated societies can be found in the registration form. “Student members” are defined as students preparing for the following degrees: Bachelor, Master, Diploma, 1. Staatsexamen. Please note that PhD students are not considered as being students anymore. When you register as a student member you need to present a student identification card at the registrations desk, where it is clear from, that you are not a PhD student.
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